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10 Things You Must Do
After an accident
1) Stay Calm and avoid placing blame on anyone until the police have arrived.
2) Check for Injuries; call an ambulance when in doubt.
3) Turn on hazard lights. Put out warning cones, flares or warning triangles for safety.
4) Insist on contacting the police even if the other driver does not believe it is warranted.
Note: Do not sign anything unless it is for the police officer or medical personnel. Always consult with an attorney or your own insurance company first.
5) State only the facts and leave emotions out of your statement to the police officer.
6) Obtain names and telephone numbers of eye witnesses.
7) Take pictures if possible.
8) File your accident report when required by law (if a police report was not taken by an officer).
9) If you have serious injury do not try to settle your own claim contact a personal injury attorney to learn more about your rights.
Report your loss to your insurance company, but do not give an official statement to the other driversí insurance adjuster without consulting with your attorney or your own insurance company first.
10) If you are injured, it is important that you get a thorough evaluation of your injuries by a doctor such as a chiropractor whom specialize in the musculoskeletal system which is made up of bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

NOTE information on this site is for reference purposes only.  You are strongly advised to seek legal counsel, use common sense, see a medical doctor, see a chiropractor, counsel a personal injury attorney, and other professionals.  This site is merely designed as a resource not as gospel!
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